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Peter Mbuthia

The kindness and cruelty of strangers

10 September 2019 - 08:09

Excerpt from Scars of a Nation: Survivor of Kiambaa Church Massacre and the Elusive Justice Available on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/yxsjjp55


In the aftermath of the arson attack on the Kenya Assembly of God church in Kiambaa Peter Mbuthia rushed to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret looking for his son Anthony who he had been injured in the attack.


I headed toward the casualty reception area where I found numerous victims of the ongoing violence. Many victims had deep machete cuts, while others had arrowheads still lodged in their bodies. Some victims had their heads wrapped with shirts that were torn and fashioned to act as bandages. There was a lot of blood spilled on the floor whose smell was quite nauseating. A room had been set aside for the survivors of the Kiambaa church massacre, most of whom sat on a bench unattended as there was only one doctor on duty, who was totally overwhelmed by the large number of patients who kept streaming in. It was a most desperate situation.


I kept looking for my son Anthony. Then I heard and recognized his voice when he softly called out to me, “Dad, I am here.” I looked and  saw him on the bench that was tucked in a corner. I moved closer—and oh my God! I could not believe at how he looked. His head was totally covered in black soot, obviously from the heavy black smoke from the burning church. He had big red lesions on his face, the skin on his face was peeling off and his lips were dry. His hair was completely burnt. I touched his head and the hair fell off. He had been put on an intravenous drip and he kept licking water dripping down to his mouth from the burns on the right side of his face. His hands were severely burnt and swollen. He was in shock but calm. On assessing how Anthony looked, his sorrowful demeanor and with all these burns, I became totally devastated. I became angry and bitter. But then quickly and as if by divine intervention, I realized that if I allowed myself to be controlled by anger, I was going to lose my focus. I silently prayed to God to help me endure this most difficult and trying moment of life. I realized that what had happened to Anthony had happened and I could not change it. I had to accept this reality. I knew that all that Anthony required now was the best medical attention. I decided to calm down because this was the only way that I was going to manage to offer him psychosocial support which he needed so much. At that moment, I regained my balance, and the first words that I uttered were “Anthony, God loves you – I thank him for saving your life. Let us pray.” Then we prayed. I thanked God for saving Anthony and called upon his healing power. I will never forget the condition in which I saw Anthony for the first time at the hospital. His scary looking image remains etched in my mind to this day.

Anthony asked for water. I left him with my friend from Kiambaa who had by now joined us, and I immediately rushed out to buy water. Luckily several canteens were open. I bought several bottles of half-litre Dasani water, a few packets of Brookside pasteurized dairy milk and assorted fruits. All other kinds of food were sold out and shops could not receive fresh supplies because of the violence. The price of groceries had skyrocketed andI paid three times the usual cost for all my purchases. Luckily, I had remembered to carry with me all the money from my shop’s sales when the violence broke out.

Anthony drank a lot of water and milk. Other casualties in the room were hungry too. They begged for milk. I particularly remember one child, a boy of about two years of age, who was strapped to his mother’s back and who was so hungry that he forcefully reached out and snatched a packet of milk from my hands while I faced the other way. The mother voluntarily narrated how she had managed to escape from the burning church. She said she was suffering from severe shock and that her breasts could produce no milk. She told me of how the boy had tried suckling, but no milk came out. I saw that she was suffering from a broken hand and she said that this was caused by her tripping and hurting her herself as she fled her attackers. Her son she suspected was suffering from smoke poisoning due to inhaling thick black smoke in the church fire. The woman had been separated from her two other children whom she feared had been burned alive in the blaze. Hers was truly spine-chilling story.


I dished out all the remaining food to the hungry survivors and then rushed out to buy more which I came and distributed among the casualties again. More casualties were brought in. Soon the room was full. The doctor turned to me and asked about my relationship with Anthony.  When I told him I was his father, he requested me to help move him and other burn survivors to the burn unit. I carried Anthony’s intravenous drip bottle while the liquid was still running into his veins and slowly walked him to the burn ward while other patients slowly followed us. My friend from Kiambaa left to check on his family as well as my own who included Anthony’s siblings, Francis and Lillian, who were now safe at Saint. John’s Cathedral. On our arrival, were found that all the beds in the ward were occupied with some patients sharing beds. Anthony shared a bed with the boy who I had fed with milk, while the other patients were allocated beds to share. In the evening, the mother of the boy took off without informing anyone leaving her child behind.  Nonetheless I took care of him and shared with him bananas. He lacked appetite and ate little. His mother came back and would not tell anyone where she had been no matter how much we insisted. She looked terrified and dumbfounded. She would hold her boy and try to make him suckle but by now the boy was too weak. The boy became weaker and weaker and at about 3pm he developed seizures while he was in his mother’s arms. I rushed out to call the charge nurse and by the time we came back, the boy was breathless. He had died in his mother’s arms. Anthony was in shock at the boy’s death. The boy’s body was taken to the morgue and from then on, I do not know what happened to the woman and her family thereafter.


I feared that Anthony’s memory might have been damaged by severe burns to his head. I decided to test it. I asked him whether he was able to narrate to me how he escaped the burning church. In a relaxed and confident manner, Anthony looked at me with his left eye that was open as his right eye that was closed after it had gotten swollen. He told me that before the attackers came, he was grazing his grandmother’s sheep alongside his cousins when she came and told them that they had received information that Kalenjin warriors were organizing to attack Kiambaa village. She advised everyone to take blankets and food and take refuge at the Kenya Assemblies of God church that was located a short distance from their home.

Anthony moved the sheep closer to the church so that in case of attack they could move them to the church compound. On arrival, they found many women and children had already gathered within the church compound while many more had gathered within the church itself.

Anthony told me that it did not seem sensible that people would attack the church as a church is considered a sacred place. Most people of the Kalenjin tribe were professed Christians, and since the warriors were drawn from their community it was the locals belief that everyone would respect the sanctity of the church in the event of an attack on Kiambaa village. But they would later learn that their belief was mistaken.

Around midday Anthony heard wailing.

When he looked around, he saw hundreds of people running towards the church. Among these people was Anthony’s grandmother who was blowing a whistle to alert people of an attack as she came running towards the church. Then Anthony saw the warriors who were armed with bows, arrows and machetes in hot pursuit of those fleeing into the church compound. Anthony panicked and ran into the church. He made his way to the middle of the church so that in case they fired arrows he would not get hit through the windows.

While he was entering the church, he managed to see that his brother Francis ran in a separate direction while Lilian and their cousins had followed him into the church. Inside the church the everyone could hear the clacking sounds of iron sheets as the warriors pelted the roof with stones. Women wailed and prayed.

Then Anthony heard someone say, “They have burnt the church!” They have doused it with fuel.” He panicked. All of a sudden, he saw a huge fire falling from the rooftop. People rushed to the exit doors to escape but they got stuck as the door was too small to accept them all. Anthony stood a few steps away from the crowd milling at the exit because as everyone struggled to escape. Then the door gave way and people ahead of him suddenly surged forward and many fell at the doorstep.

The fire inside the church kept raging ferociously above Anthony’s head as debris was falling from the roof. He tried protecting his head by covering it with his hands. In the process his hands got burnt. Fire. continued falling from the rooftop and he had to crawl on the floor to dodge a lot of it but some of it got to his head. In the process his hands also got burnt. Anthony told me he could not remember how he got out of the church. All he could remember was that when he got out, he was unsure about which direction he was supposed to run to. While still confused he found himself at the rear of the church near the door that the pastor would normally use to enter the church. While there he saw several injured people. Quickly, he moved around looking for the exit gate out of the church compound. The church was still in flames by the time he left. He could remember seeing corpses with deep machete wounds lying on the grounds outside the church. Many people screamed and wailed as they left the church.

Once outside the church Anthony took the route that went towards his grandmother’s house thinking that his family members had ran home. While walking hoping to find a relative or someone he knew, he came face to face with one of the attackers who was holding a machete in one hand. The man raised the machete and said “If you want to live turn around and go back! Follow the other people who are fleeing – But if you go in this direction, we shall kill you!” Anthony quickly turned and ran. He kept running until he caught up with his sister Lilian and their aunt. When Lilian looked at him, Anthony saw the shock in her eyes. She asked their aunt “Should I tell him how he looks?”

The aunt said no, and Anthony was left wondering what his sister had seen in him. By this time Anthony was unaware as to the extent of his burns. Everyone continued walking until they arrived at the main Nairobi-Eldoret road. Some women from the Kalenjin tribe who were supposed to be our enemies, stood by the roadside with water in small containers. They kept dishing out the water to survivors and victims as they passed by. Victims were surprised to see that some people who were supposed to be their enemies were displaying such kindness. No one could tell how these Kalenjin women knew that the survivors desperately needed water. But they were all thankful.

Then Anthony saw his grandmother, who was beckoning him with a sorrowful face. When he approached her, she saw how he looked and dropped down and wailed loudly. Before Anthony could speak to her, a good Samaritan whisked him away and put him on his pickup that was parked by the roadside. This man was rescuing the badly burnt survivors so that he could transport them to hospital for emergency treatment. After he had rescued a good number of the badly burnt survivors, he drove them to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital that is located in Eldoret town. Interestingly, he was from the Kalenjin tribe and was yet another surprise person who showed an act of kindness that we least expected could come from a person from the Kalenjin tribe in view of the enmity that was prevailing between the two peoples. It must have taken the voice of a higher spiritual calling for someone like him to break away from the hatred and help a member of an opposing tribe. I shall forever remain thankful and indebted to him for helping Anthony.



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