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In Pictures: Timeline and critical junctures leading up to the new battle at the Supreme Court

6 November 2017 - 16:11

By Never Again 

Just like it did after the August 8th elections, Kenya’s Supreme Court is about to be the stage for a high-stakes legal battle: Here’s how we got here: 

01 September 2017: Supreme Court annuls the presidential election of 8 August 2017 and orders a fresh election.

01 September 2017: IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati issues a press statement inviting the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate any staff involved in the violation of the Election Offences Act and urges the Supreme Court to provide a detailed judgment soon.

IEBC’s Chief Executive Officer/Secretary Ezra Chiloba issues a Memo Ref: IEBC/CEO/1/1/09/2017 to staff countermanding/contradicting the position taken by the IEBC chairman.

04 September 2017: IEBC fixes the date for the fresh presidential election on 17 October 2017, apparently influenced by representations made by the Education Cabinet Secretary.

05 September 2017: The IEBC issues Gazette Notice No. 8751 of 2017 declaring Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Raila Amolo Odinga as the only two candidates eligible to participate in a fresh presidential election -- purportedly on the basis of the Supreme Court decision in Petition No. 5 of 2013.

05 September 2017: IEBC chair formally writes to the Commission Secretary/CEO Memo Ref: IEBC/CP/CON/1/2/VOL 1(51) demanding answers to various issues that affected the process of the 08 August 2017 elections.

21 September 2017: After realising that the Kenya Integrated Elections Management System kits could not be reconfigured in time for an election on 17 October 2017, IEBC changes the election date to 26 October 2017.

23 September 2017: The Director of Public Prosecutions issues a formal directive for the investigation of the IEBC officers.

02 October 2017: NASA writes to the Director of Public Prosecutions demanding investigations into a number of IEBC officers deemed culpable and responsible for the impugned 08 August 2017 election.

05 October 2017: IEBC asks the Supreme Court to clarify what it should do in the event that errors are found in results declared at polling station and constituency level.

10 October 2017: The National Super Alliance publicly gives notice to IEBC of the withdrawal of its candidate, Raila Amolo Odinga, from the 26 October 2017 election, citing bad faith and failure to meaningfully engage and implement reforms and changes they deem necessary to create a level playing field for all the contestants.

11 October 2017: The High Court orders that Dr Ekuru Aukot, one of the presidential candidates in the 08 August 2017 election, be included as a candidate in the fresh election.

11 October 2017: IEBC acknowledges but disregards the withdrawal of the NASA’s candidate and decides it will proceed with the election on 26 October 2017. IEBC also decides to include five other candidates to participate in the 26 October 2017 election. It publishes an addendum modifying the previous Gazette Notice 8751 of 2017 to include Ekuru Aukot, Abduba Dida, Joseph Nyaga, Justus Kaluyu, and Michael Wainaina.


14 October 2017: IEBC’s Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba issues an Internal Memo Ref: IEBC/CEO/10/2017, Re: Revised Results Transmission Workflow, showing how the Commission intended to conduct the 26 October 2017 election.

18 October 2017: IEBC adds the name of Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo to the list of candidates to participate in the 26 October 2017 election despite his not being gazetted as a candidate.

17 October 2017: One of the Commissioners of the IEBC, Dr Roselyn Akombe, resigns and issues a public statement from New York exposing issues and challenges facing the Commission and the conduct of the 26 October 2017 election.

18 October 2017: A day after Dr Akombe’s resignation, the IEBC chair publicly acknowledges the challenges and issues facing the Commission and the conduct of the 26 October 2017 election; and publicly admits that he cannot guarantee free, fair and credible elections on 26 October 2017.

26 October 2017: IEBC conducts a fresh presidential election and declares Uhuru Kenyatta the President-elect.

Photos: IEBC. NASA and the Supreme Court/Facebook

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